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I’m sorry…I’ll have to ask for at least one emergency commission to help pay for gas…my job has made me spend my money and still has yet to pay me so I’m down to $0.90 in my bank. 

Fortunately my partner has purchased groceries to last us a while and I’m very grateful for that. ♥
I’m currently still waiting for callbacks as well as applying for more jobs that wouldn’t get me almost arrested, beaten up as badly, and doesn’t pay like my current one.

I’ll take at least one $40 full-body, flat colour or $65 full-body, full coloured. This will help support me for gas and pay off some credit card debt until I get a job. 

Email SPAMcommissions[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested. 

I’m going to try and start finishing up my current queue before doctor’s appointment for surgery on the 27th. Thank you so much. ♥

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I just realized my phone keeps posting to this art blog instead of my snake blog.
Arrgh, sorry guys! I’m going to fix that immediately when I am on a computer!

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I will be creating a Safe Zone blog very soon.

I’ve been really stressed out with the real world recently and need to escape it temporarily and want to help others out with mental or any other issues regarding the negative situations.

I will share it once it’s online. ♥

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Welp, gotta wake up early to transport some people I don’t know then help set up for the show.

Just hope they don’t trash my car. Going to need lots of caffeine to pull through then I may have some alcohol later on to wind down. Might have to get a hotel for a possible overnight stay just in case I can’t make it home.

I’m going to ask for some financial help from my mother just in case I need any emergency money…

Wish me luck, guys.

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I’m about to scream.

I’m spending more money than making profit as well as constantly fighting the urge to have a panic attack when trying to talk to people for my job.
I have sold 0 tickets and most likely will not get paid as well as having to pay to attend the show I’m promoting.

I’m not too certain about this just yet until Saturday but it’s what I’m hearing.

I’ve yet to get paid, if I ever do.

In the meantime I’ve only less than $50 to my name and I have to travel to Tyler, TX Saturday trying to use as little gas as possible.

Hopefully I’ll find a better job soon…I can not do this. I don’t want to ask for help…

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treeboa asked: I hate to bother you here but your snake blog doesn't seem to have an askbox. I see you have several hognoses and I'm wondering if you have any tips for taming aggressive hoggies down? Mine is about a year old this month and when I got her back in march she was very tame and easy to handle, however a few months ago she bit me out of the blue and has been incredibly hostile since. I've been trying the "lightly worn sock" trick but I am afraid to try to handle her for fear of being bitten.

Ah, unfortunately I do not know how to respond to this professionally. But what I could ask is are your temps correct, does it have enough hiding space, was it in-shed, and/or did it happen to be during or near feeding time?

I have hognoses that will try to bite out of feeding response but will calm down after a little bit of handling when they realize it’s not feeding time. Wear gloves to help protect from getting bitten during handling.

Hognoses can bite while they’re in shed as well.
They’re also notorious for having an attitude, but it’s mostly just harmless bluffing to startle the predator. I have two hogs in particular that will hiss and strike (close-mouth/ headbutt) anytime I get near them but are completely harmless.
The main reason why they usually bite would be due to feeding response or in-shed, more likely feeding response. Otherwise they’ll just bluff.

But for now all I would recommend are: be patient, continue to handle probably about 10-20 minutes every 2-3 days with gloves, and check if temps are correct.

Unfortunately I don’t know any one who is a professional at hognoses. If anyone out there can help this person out, please do and please correct me if I’m wrong!

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