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xhajinn asked: YOU REALIZE I'VE HAD A MIGHTY NEED FOR MORE ART FROM YOU FOR CENTURIES! Facetiousness aside, when and where can I pelt 'cha with coin since FurAffinity's sort of unstable and notifications get lost in the chaos of the inbox. |3c

WHOA HEYA, I’m currently not accepting any just this moment but we can totally discuss this via email! SPAMcommissions[at]gmail[dot]com

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sweatshirtdemon asked: Maybe try doing some silly doodles? Ones that can even just be little scribbles to calm you down? I sometimes do that when I'm feeling really anxious about my art ;3;

That’s why I’m actually doing Inktober and finding some other daily challenges! It’s helping bit-by-bit. Thank goodness these are a thing, hahaha.

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Anonymous asked: it might help if u just do a bunch of doodles. Seriously, take a page to draw shapes and see if they turn into something. Don't think about it too hard, just draw. That usually helps me start drawing again anyway. Good luck, I hope u feel better!

Yeah, I’m trying to catch up on Inktober to help with getting back to the flow of things. Finally actually participating in one of these challenges, especially this far~
It’s helping a bit, too. c:

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feretta asked: Sometimes everyone needs a reminder of what makes them great. In your case, you have amazing motion, excellent line quality and superb expressions. Yu dun gutta be scurrd'a nutt'n! But if you can't break out of it, try just doing some personal work, with nobody to impress but yourself.

Thank you. I don’t know why this silly thing happens. :C
There’s always this stupid insecurity of “if she’s drawing all of this she could have worked on MY art instead”, however. 

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